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Most will reject this concept as preposterous. But, as with all disruption, intelligent forward thinkers will recognize it as inevitable, embrace it and are first to benefit.



The smart people that found cloud software companies hate selling. They love innovation and don’t want to waste precious time and energy on sales activities. Though their products are incredibly advanced, they use outdated sales strategies that, at best provide little value and, at worst, take focus away from the work that was the reason for starting in the first place. But they need revenue, so they hire salespeople and, when most don’t sell, fire them and hire more costing lots of money.

The sole focus of the few ruthless salespeople that do sell is to get customers to sign any way they can. They lie, cheat and mislead.  When the new customers realize they've been hoodwinked, they end the relationship sharing their negative experiences on social media. Worse yet, the CEO, believing that money is now coming in, makes decisions like hiring more staff or signing office space leases, that rapidly drain finances once the new customers cancel.


Today, buyers of software are very sophisticated. They understand technology and know what their organizations need. What they want from a cloud software company is a clear value proposition, a clean pricing model, a straightforward on-boarding process and access to technical resources. They don’t want to deal with salespeople.

To meet the demands of this new market, WebQuisitions has designed a program to attract and activate customers without salespeople. Using distributed ledger (blockchain) technology, the program is implemented via chronologically activated smart (self-executing) contracts each with clearly defined participants and actions. This scalable cost-effective program is implemented with minimal resources. It ensures precise revenue forecasting and resource allocation.

The CEO knows exactly what is going to close and when. Management enjoys tremendous growth without the hassles and costs of a traditional sales force. Product developers are inspired as the right customers are finally benefitting from their effort. And, most importantly, buyers are ecstatic because they no longer have to deal with salespeople.

Driving a maximum 120-day new customer on-boarding process, this program becomes a strategic asset. It is the new cloud software sales model for the 2020s.

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