10 years ago, landing new enterprise software customers was a frustrating, time consuming affair.  Today everything is changing.

First, corporate IT buyers who make career impacting software purchases have become very sophisticated.  They understand technology and know what their organizations need.  What they want from vendors is a clear value proposition, a clean pricing model, and a straight forward on-boarding process.

Second, the brilliant people that found cloud software startups hate selling.  Their priority is innovation and they are frustrated that they must devote precious time and energy toward activities they find distasteful and unrewarding.  The products they’re bringing to market are incredibly advanced, but they settle for outdated sales strategies that, in the best case provide little value and, in the worst case, drain resources away from the innovative work that was the reason for starting in the first place.

Third, distributed ledger technology, including programmable smart contracts, has now reached a point where organizations can utilize these to implement solutions in ways that were previously unimaginable. 

WebQuisitions is building and launching a customer acquisition platform that eliminates the need for salespeople. 

4 Decision Steps

There are 4 steps in all cloud software purchase decisions.

4 Smart Contracts

Each step is driven by it's own smart contract.

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